The easiest way to book flights.

 Dobby is your personal travel assistant that books flights for you. 

Dobby Walter

Dobby knows your preferences and always gets the best deal for your schedule.


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Fully Automated


Super simple

Get rid of manual fiddling and mistakes with dates when comparing travel sites, Dobby will do all the hard work.

1. How do I book a flight?

Simply write Dobby an email telling him where you want to go and when. Dobby checks all airlines and gets back to you with the best three options and you confirm what suits you best as illustrated in the screenshots below. 

2. How does Dobby work?
Dobby is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered travel assistant. He learns your travel habits over time, maintains a personal travel profile for each person and connects with all airlines to get you the best deal.

3. What of my frequent flyer programs? 

Dobby knows all your frequent flyer programs and uses your points appropriately.

4. Can Dobby manage group travels?

Yes! Dobby manages group travels by taking the preferences of each traveller into consideration. Simply send Dobby an email and cc the list of travellers.

5. How do I get the travel expense report? 

Dobby automatically generates a travel expense report for all your bookings.

6. What is the turnaround time?

Dobby replies to you in 5mins with the a list of three optimal itineraries.

7. How does Dobby know my preferences?

There is a one-off registration process where you provide your basic information. With each booking, Dobby learns your preferences. In addition, you can update them anytime by sending him an email.

8. How will my personal information be kept secure?
Dobby works with military grade encryption to keep your preferences and personal information safe. In addition, your interaction with Dobby rides on the existing security infrastructure of emails. 

9. What of hotels and car hire, can Dobby handle that as well?
For the initial roll out, Dobby is focussing on flight booking alone. Hotels and car hire will speedily follow suit after our users become well acquainted with flight booking since it is the most common feature request we've received.

10. How much does it cost to use Dobby?
Dobby will charge you a booking fee based on the frequency of your reservations. However, your first 3 bookings will be free. You're free to try Dobby at no cost, you'll be glad you did and happy to pay when the time comes.

No website, apps or pesky long forms, Just write Dobby an email and he'll book the flights for you!